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Arco Ingenieros was founded in 1950 by Salvadoran entrepreneurs and is now the oldest and one of the most experienced construction companies in El Salvador. It has since contributed to improving the infrastructure of the country.

Its customers include: The Government of El Salvador, the Government of the United States of America, multinational corporations and small/mid-size entrepreneurial companies. All these stakeholders share the common goal of constructing top quality infrastructure for their businesses, civil, political or military activities.

Arco is vertically integrated along the construction industry value chain and along key parts of the supply chain, which allows the company to execute all types of civil construction projects with greater flexibility.
The company has always had a culture of social responsibility and honesty. Also, during the last few years, due to the environmental changes and the rapidly increasing energy demand in El Salvador, Arco has been working towards aligning its core business to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. The company is leveraging its broad contacts base and the expertise of its external consultants and advisors (national and international) in order to develop solid business plans for the creation of environmentally conscious enterprises in El Salvador.

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Arco Ingenieros, S.A. de C.V.

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